Class Presentation!

On Tuesday I presented my Talk on Kuk Sool Won in front of my peers and class mates at school and I think it went quite well! We had to use 4 main points in our presentation and I used:
  >Ancient History
  >Modern History
>The Ranking System
>My Experience of Kuk Sool Won
>The Ducker Family
My presentation lasted about 10+ minutes and my Black Belt and uniform (which I had on during the presentation) attracted a lot of attention and made people interested.



Today, i am in London because my dad is watching the football at wembley and i went to Greenwich with my Grandad! I had a great day in Greenwich, we saw the Cutty Sark, HMS Ocean and we went to the merridian line (where time is measured from) and we saw a showing of ‘the sky tonight’ in the planetarium located in Greenwich park. The show was very interesting and is very worth seeing! The planetarium is also the only one in London and may even be the only one in Britain!

New Life!

As you may know, in the summer animals such as ducks start to have babies and I live down a road where there is a duck pond. Currently, there is a duck called Daisy living in our back garden and it has just had babies!

Baby Sulley

Baby Nemo