U.E.A Trip!

Recently at school we were given a project at science club to make a revision video on a subject of out choice, we chose ‘Radiation’. Yesterday, we were alerted that we had won the competition and were being taken to our local University and will be given some lectures on science then we will be taking part in some practicals. I will be going on this trip next Thursday with my friends, T. Easton and T. Saunders. However, there is only one downside to attending this trip and that is the fact that the day we will be going is the day that the Olympic torch passes through our town and our school have reserved a section of the road to spectate the passing by.


Graphics Pad!

I finally got the graphics pad i have been waiting to get today, and so far it is great! It is one of the best pieces of technology I have ever used! The Graphics pad I have purchased has:

  • 26 programmable hot keys
  • 9″x5″ active area
  • Bluetooth pen
  • pen holder 
and many more great features! I will probably be doing a review very soon.

ICT In Schools

This image is property of bbhs.org.uk

My School, Benjamin Britten High School, is a school that specializes in subjects such as ICT and Maths. In this post I would like to talk more about ICT in schools.
In my opinion, ICT is not taught enough in schools and is one of the essential things to learn in life. Things like coding, programming and web designing are definitely things that should be taught more. I believe that coding is essential because it is a key thing to computing, everything is made from code. Also web design should be incorporated into the curriculum as the internet is becoming a part of everyday life and the main source of information in some cases. Also, as my school also specializes in math, binary should be explained and taken into great depth. I think this should be taken into account by school IT departments as a major suggestion. If you agree with what I am trying to get through, please share this post on Google + etc.
If you don’t know how to share it on Google +, then my point is proven – this is exactly what I am talking about! People need more ICT education and knowledge… Who will code operating systems, Programs etc in the future if we aren’t taught how to?!

Stock Trains

S-Stock Train

Recently, I have uncovered my intrest for trains and specifically the London underground stock trains. My favorite model stock train is the 2010 S Stock Train , which will soon replace all underground trains in London. The S Stock is a very big step in tube transport because it is the first time ever that a Stock trains has allowed you to travel between carriages without putting yourself in danger. Also, the trains have been stretched out longer, have a new and very efficient seating layout and a very nice, new snazzy design! The S-Stock was released in February 2012 and will be much more popular for when the Olympics come around. They also have some minor speed adjustments from its older model, the A-Stock (released in the 60’s), this will result in more frequent train departures which will work much better with rush hour! Personally, I cant wait until I get a turn to go on the S Stock. Please post your thoughts on the S-Stock in the comments of this post!

Site Updates and More Posts!

I have decided once again to return to my blog and I have added some new features such as the archive, to make the archive look its best I will try to include a picture with every post! Please stay tuned as there will be allot more material coming your way!