Stock Trains

S-Stock Train

Recently, I have uncovered my intrest for trains and specifically the London underground stock trains. My favorite model stock train is the 2010 S Stock Train , which will soon replace all underground trains in London. The S Stock is a very big step in tube transport because it is the first time ever that a Stock trains has allowed you to travel between carriages without putting yourself in danger. Also, the trains have been stretched out longer, have a new and very efficient seating layout and a very nice, new snazzy design! The S-Stock was released in February 2012 and will be much more popular for when the Olympics come around. They also have some minor speed adjustments from its older model, the A-Stock (released in the 60’s), this will result in more frequent train departures which will work much better with rush hour! Personally, I cant wait until I get a turn to go on the S Stock. Please post your thoughts on the S-Stock in the comments of this post!


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