How Long until the future?

I do not own this image, this is taken from the game,
‘Call of Duty: Black Ops 2’ and is property of Treyarch.

Recently I have been thinking about video games such as call of duty etc. and I came to think, ‘how long will it be before you actually control and robot in Afghanistan that is fighting a real war?’. This is what I think should definitely happen to video games and it would keep all of these gamers happy as-well as the rest of the country because the gamers are actually serving the country in war and if they die, a real soldier doesn’t actually die, a robot gets damaged. There is also a plus side to using robots as-well, they are harder to kill or brake, and when they do brake they can be fixed or recycled. When the gamer does get their robot killed, as they can be recycled they just take control of a new one! What are your thoughts on this?


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