Global Taps

On Wednesday’s, I have decided to talk about the environment and things that are going on at my school’s Eco club. MY first Eco-Day post is about Global Taps;
Global Taps are very efficient as the water you consume from them becomes re-usable. This means that instead of drinking water and lowering Earth’s store of it, you are re-using water and helping civilization continue as it is without any ‘water shortages’ and things along those lines. GLOBALTAP, the company that manufactures these taps, was founded by Daniel H. Whitman to provide people with a more innovative, and compelling way to connect with each other through easier access to clean, free drinking water. Daniel is honored to be the visionary behind GLOBALTAP, and will continue to further it’s mission to make clean drinking water available to people around the world.
To find out more about Global Taps, visit the website at:


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