Ecotech project – unfolding

Hi, I’m shay from the ecotech department at BBHS Eco group. Our current project is to hook the school up to power monitors to see how our energy usage suddenly becomes less and less as the school becomes more economical and to continue our contact with ecotricity, a small but great energy provider in the UK. We are currently in contact with ecotricity following one of the previous blog posts concerning the raspberry pi – a revolutionary computer designed specifically with programming in mind, what makes this computer unique is the fact that it is only the size of a credit card. You could pick one of these up for around £30 online. Back to the topic on hand, ecotricity contacted us when they saw a blog post we made about raspberry pi’s as they use these computers at ecotricity. Paul from ecotricity has been in contact with us for several weeks now and has offered to help us out when connecting a power monitor to a raspberry pi and then after doing this we will be on our own to continue our endeavour to find the compatible software which will work with the version of Linux we run on the raspberry pi as well as being compatible with the power monitor we hope to purchase in the not to distant future. During our endeavour, we did some research into ecotricity’s quality as an energy provider and from what we have found, they are quite a good provider and we hope to look further in to changing over to them… 

To find out more about our project, please visit our page (BBHS) on the solar schools website and if you could, please donate as little as £5 which could go towards saving the world from global warming an carbon emissions, if you do donate please let them know that you were sent over to donate by me, shay, 

Thank you for reading,


Emergency Domain Switch

Hey Guys,
sorry about the downtime of the website, I wasn’t aware of it but it shouldn’t happen again… The downtime was due to CO.CC, the owners of the domain name have shut down unexpectedly and then as the domain name redirected to the CO.CC one, it created a redirection loop and the website was taken down. The website should now remain up unless there is any scheduled maintenance to it which i will tell you about in advance. However, you will no-longer be able to access the website via the CO.CC domain name you will now access it through
we are sorry for any inconveniences caused by this,
 – Shay

My code is compiling!

As you may have read in one of my previous posts, I was wanting my school (which specialises in computing) to teach its students some coding, and in one of my recent ICT lessons we started to learn a bit of HTML5 coding. At first we are starting to look at the basics, like:

  • <title> which will be the name of the tab/window you view your HTML document in.
  • <H1> these are headings to the page, 1 is the largest and 7 is the smallest.
  • We also learnt how to insert images as well as coloured text and styled text as well…

In my opinion this is a great subject to teach in schools as the technology and computing industry is soon to be leading tis world. I am very greatful for these lessons at school and I would like to personally thank my ICT teacher, Mr N Leech, for these lessons.

Last Step!

As I have mentioned in previous posts, I have been taking part in the kuk sool won junior leadership programme in which I had to complete 68 hours of assisting other classes and I recently completed my log sheet. This meant that there was only one step left in my journey to becoming an instructor, writing the final essay. I completed my essay earlier this week and handed it in last Monday, I have not heard about it yet, but from what other people have told me, they think it is really good. Here is a copy of the essay for you to read:
(Click to enlarge)