My code is compiling!

As you may have read in one of my previous posts, I was wanting my school (which specialises in computing) to teach its students some coding, and in one of my recent ICT lessons we started to learn a bit of HTML5 coding. At first we are starting to look at the basics, like:

  • <title> which will be the name of the tab/window you view your HTML document in.
  • <H1> these are headings to the page, 1 is the largest and 7 is the smallest.
  • We also learnt how to insert images as well as coloured text and styled text as well…

In my opinion this is a great subject to teach in schools as the technology and computing industry is soon to be leading tis world. I am very greatful for these lessons at school and I would like to personally thank my ICT teacher, Mr N Leech, for these lessons.


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