Rating System

Hi guys,
Sorry I haven’t been posting in a daily basis or as regular as I have in the past but I have had a lot of things going on at school to do with EcoClub and other things…
Today I’d just like to tell you about the rating system which is on this blog underneath the posts as you may not know about it… I know some readers have been using it as I do have some feedback on some of my posts, but. If you don’t it is that little widget under this post which has 3 check boxes and each one is labelled. If you wish to check the box which is most suitable for the post you have just read, you DON’T need to be signed in to blogger which is a good thing, but if you wish to comment on my posts I would appreciate it if you were signed in.
And if you ever get the time to, please +1 this blog and share on twitter and Facebook because when I lost my old domain, I also lost a majority of my audiences so I will need to build a new one.


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