New room!

This picture shows KSN Lee in the the new martial
 arts studio which was under construction.

On January 6th 2012, Waveney Sports center will be openned to the public after a 7 million pound redevelopment. Also on this day, is the first Kuk Sool Won Lowestoft lesson in our new room. Peaceful training at last. The new room has been specifically designed to the liking of the Kuk Sool  Lowestoft Instructors.


Kuk Sool Won

kuk sool won logo.

Last night I attended my usual Kuk sool class, from 6pm to 7pm, and I found this to be one of my favourite lessons this year. The warm-up was great then we had a classic game of take down bulldog, which was really fun, next we split into two halves and my group did acrobatics with KSN Mike. I would just like to thank SBN Jon for making the lesson so great.